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The EP 'Rock and Redemption' is now available! There are 4 songs - two covers - Windy and Domino - and two original songs titled Hot Summer Days and Redemption. Listen now on the Music Page!


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Andy's album New Music for Old Souls was released in  September 2021 and his EP Rock and Redemption in March 2022! This could be the new music your ears have been waiting to hear if you grew up with pop music before 2000. He also has a video series called Music Between the Numbers (click on MBTN above) to examine how music has changed since the mid-1950s. Provide your email below today to stay informed about new music, new videos, new analysis, and other events!

Latest News

My latest songs are out on all the streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.). The EP is called Rock and Redemption. You can listen and download the songs on the Music Page.

My album from 2021  - New Music for Old Souls - is also available on the Music Page as well as all of the streaming services. If you like CDs, you can order one in the Store. You can also download songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or your favorite listening site.

A series of seven videos called Music Between the Numbers (click on MBTN above) looks at Top 10 songs over the last 66 years and examines - through numbers - how music has measurably changed over time. No matter what type of music you like (hey, everyone has their own tastes), you are likely to find this information fascinating. (Hint: it has changed over time - and a lot!) I started working on a book that summarizes this information, but have returned to work in the financial services industry so that publication will have to be on hold for a while.

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