I hope you enjoy my music and video of The Holly and the Ivy which I did for this holiday season! The video is below and the music alone is on the music page. The song will be on Spotify on December 9.



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Andy's new album New Music for Old Souls will be out in September! This could be the album your ears have been waiting to hear all year. He's also starting a video series called Music Between the Numbers (click on MBTN above) to examine how music has changed over the last 66 years. Provide your email below today to stay informed about new music, new videos, new analysis, and other events!

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It's a whole new website and there is a whole new album!  10 songs and the title of the album is called....you guessed it....New Music for Old Souls. The album was released on the major music sites on September 17 and is also on the Music page here! I'm very excited about this album as I think it is the best collection of songs I have done to date - there's something for almost everyone - whether you have a new or an old soul!

A series of videos called Music Between the Numbers (click on MBTN above) started releasing on September 3. Each week we'll dive into some details about the top pop music of the last 66 years and examine - through numbers - how it has changed over time. No matter what type of music you like (hey, everyone has their own tastes), you are likely to find this information fascinating. (Hint: it has changed over time - and a lot!)

I hope you'll listen to the music and watch the videos and then choose to Support the Site.