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I've created a Donate button below if you enjoy the music and/or the analysis and would like to help fund continued projects. I suggest $5 or $10. PayPal wants to take 50% if I sell individual tracks so I stopped doing that!  I suggest a one-time donation of $10 is better than a monthly donation of $1 because PayPal takes half of a $1 donation! A donation will allow you download all of the current album for free (I will send a link when you Donate and provide your email.) This is the simplest way to help out. 

I'll also be providing a supporters-only page that has a video tour of every song - the songwriting and production process. I think this can be interesting to many whether you are a musician or just curious about what goes into creating and crafting a song for release. 

Albums cost about $10,000 to produce once all is said and done. If you donate each time there is a new album, that would be great. (Spotify pays a whopping $0.0023 per play so you need 5 to 10 million plays to get anywhere - so - yeah - kind of sucks.) Finally, and most importantly, thank you for listening and helping!!!! It means a lot to me even if you just listen and give it a try!